About Me

My name is Tom Van Kooten. I grew up in the midwest playing baseball for as long as I can remember. I have been involved in leagues all of my life and continue to do so now despite having a separate career outside of the sport.


I have played baseball for over 15 years and played constantly in spring, summer, and fall leagues through high school. I played two years at a junior college in Illinois before deciding that I would be pursuing other avenues for a career. I have spent numerous hours, playing, training, and watching baseball and enjoy to share and discuss my knowledge with others any chance I get.


While I have had limited experience as a pitcher, I predominantly identify as a hitter and a fielder. I throw and hit from the right side and found myself playing the left side of the infield through high school. As I got to college I made the transition into an outfielder – particularly center and right field. I frequently bat in the heart of the lineup but have also had my share at both the beginning and towards the end. I would consider myself to be a well rounded player and a prime student of the game.

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