Baseball Bats – Grips and Balance

A lot of light has come to the (relatively) new Axe handle for baseball bats. The MLB just recently allowed this type of handle to be used professionally and players such as Mookie Betts seem to be on the bandwagon for this new technology. While the makers of Axe bat claim that their handle is superior, I would insist that personally comfort is always most important.

If you look at an individuals baseball bag, you will most likely notice that all of their bats have a similar pattern. Some have a high quality grip tape, some use strips of athletic tape, and some (such as myself) prefer to keep a natural finish with globs of Tiger Stick. The point being, players are very particular (as they should be). The more comfortable a batter is with his bat, the more he will be able to focus on the important aspect’s of his swing.

However, one aspect in which a player’s equipment may very is the profile of his bat. Some hitters prefer the large portion of the weight to be towards the end of the bat. This allows for a center of gravity that is more towards the end of the bat – this means it takes more energy to swing the bat and therefore, a more powerful swing. On the other side of the spectrum, a well balance bat would allow a player for more swing control and consistency in getting the barrel to the ball. Sometimes when a player is going through a slump, they will switch to a bat that has a different balance in order to give new confidence in a different approach.

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