MSBL/MABL World Series

I spent this past weekend participating in the MSBL World Series in Arizona. The MSBL and MABL are national affiliations for local men’s baseball leagues across the country. The tournaments are filled with teams from all over that are a part of their own local MSBL or MABL league. The affiliation allows a team to participate in the tournament at a reduced cost.

There are multiple tournaments for teams to participate in. Many of these tournaments are simultaneous and are for different age brackets (25+, 35+, 45+, etc). My team participated in the 25+ tournament for the second straight year. Our team is the LA Legends. We finished our seeding games with a 2-3 record and missed playoffs by just a few runs allowed. The full standings can be seen here.

Our team was comprised of players from local leagues such as the LABL and the PCBL along with some friends and family of players in these leagues. Participants on our team came from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to play this weekend. While we weren’t able to have the success we had hoped, we were able to have a great time.

Picture of LA Legends

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