Baseball Throwing Mechanics

Throwing is another intricacy of baseball that is often unconsidered. There actually is a substantial difference in throwing motion by each position. Infielders need to have higher body control and condensed motions as quick release is more important in their throws when compared to an outfielder. Much like my article on glove size, infielders and outfielders have standard differences.
Infield players are prone to having to make plays with their bodies in compromised positions. They make plays to either side in front of their body and in front of them. They also have runners in their way which sometimes attempt to disrupt the throw. It is important for infielders to keep on top of the ball when they release it as to keep the ball from sailing.
Baseball player throwing ball
An outfielder has a time to get around the throw and are prone to taking more time. Since an outfielder usually throws a longer distance than an infielder, they have a longer throwing motion. The release time is not as nearly as important as the strength and accuracy of the throw. Additionally, outfielders need to get behind the ball when throwing it to maximize velocity.
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